The Defense of Holistic and Functional Medicine

The holistic health industry and functional medicine leaders are getting a shit ton of criticism these days. Most of them seem to be coming from pompous skeptics who are just such bad thinkers to begin with.

In the article above, as well as many of the arrogant people I have come to know as “skeptics” (Skeptical Inquirer, Secular Humanists, Richard Dawkins fans, etc.), these people often pick the lowest of the low of an industry and topic and use that to represent the entire theory and goals of the topic of criticism.

For example, the secular humanists and the Dawkins fan base love love love to bash on religion and demean all of its supporters as stupid minded simpletons. I belong to the relatively low supported group of scholars similar to Camille Paglia that appreciate and realize religion’s true impact to society and individual’s spirituality. In my criticism, I too call out the negative effects of simpletons but I do not demean the quality of a field at large and also offer to make it better. In concerns of religion, I still remain an atheist, and similarly so I remain a science-based health supporter.

Many of the arguments purported by critics of Functional Medicine use the most popular figures and topics in pop media to criticize the entire field. They go to the homeopath supporters, the “energy” medicine supporters, the non-critically minded individuals who make dumb mistakes. Obviously these people are being completely stupid if they are only using these alternative medicinal “remedies”. We are on the same page with that. But that is not what Functional or Holistic Medicine seeks to do, to get away from science based treatments.

Critics like the article above like to demean the individual’s power and authority and direct them to an established authority and power. The skeptics define the accepted authority as traditional MDs and scientists, who are slow to change, reluctant to listen to individuals, and are pompous in their own way.

Functional Medicine seeks to foster a closer relationship with patients and their doctors as well as, yes, get to the root of disease so it can end. Is this not what all doctors want? It seems to me as though the Functional Medicine practitioners are the ones actually being proactive about it. Sure, it is flawed in many ways, but if they are the only ones going in the right direction, do you not offer your criticism to make it better? Not direct them back to patient enslavement to wait on doctors who only see you for 5 minutes, give you a bunch of pills, and know nothing about your psycho-physio-social factors that play into your health. This is in fact what leading research shows needs to be addressed in healthcare, and it looks to me that Functional medicine practitioners are the only ones actually taking this seriously.

I am lucky enough to live near a facility that embodies the values of whole person health and offer options that span from traditional to alternative medicine resources. My facility combines psychiatric, primary care, exercise, diet, massage, and spa into one roof where the staff is coordinated with your care and flexible to your needs. Every staff is highly certified, and the entire foundation of the business is centered on leading research of highly esteemed scientists from a highly reputable institution on the topic of psychogenetic-epigenetic-social-societal-etc. factors of wellbeing. If you’d like more information, contact me. I am considering proposing a scholarship fund so that low income individuals can access the facility as well.

At the center, there is room for individualization and rejection. You are allowed to say no to whatever you want. You are accepted regardless of your ideology and background. And if you are a skeptic, you do not have to participate in the alternative treatments offered. In your first appointment you spend 90 minutes with your doctor and this is where they actually get to know your life story and the chemicals, diet, psychological factors, and more that influenced your life’s health. They focus on basic treatments that the traditional medical practitioners always talk about but never actually teach, like diet and exercise, as well as medication and supplements and more cutting edge treatments like body exercises conducive to neuroplasticity and dance. The Functional Medicine practitioners are not pompous and arrogant like traditional MDs because they take time to sit with you and help you develop the lifestyle techniques to support this healthy lifestyle. They know, too, that there are quacks out there who do not actually help you but use the fancy smiley holistic medicine advertisement to lure you in and take advantage of your naivety. The traditionally established doctors just tell you to do something and expect you get off your obese heart diseased ass all by yourself and just fix yourself. Fuck you, I say.

Skeptical critics call out patients like they cannot care or look out for themselves. Obviously, doing routines and purchasing expensive new technology promising to cure your disease without a whole ton of research to back it up will leave you vulnerable to many risks. But instead of teaching individuals how to critically analyze information so that they can still empower them to be individual explorers of their health but minimize serious consequences, skeptics simply demean these individuals and direct them back to the accepted authority. I am sorry, but if I am truly ill, you cannot expect me to waste my time on incompetent,  bureaucratically-controlled researchers and doctors to grant me authority to use a remedy that is traditionally accepted. That industry itself to has numerous flaws that they do not address based off of maintaining arrogance and prestige, and the effect produces slow research findings and dependent non-scientists.

These kinds of skeptics are horrible for the expansion of society wide health. Their criticisms assume the individual cannot make smart decisions for their own needs and desires and their only solution is to direct them to the utterly unsophisticated techniques of the Dawkins and Skeptical Inquirer reasoning strategies. The community to me is more of a mass effort to ensue social status on the basis of the difference of third and first grade thinking achievement. Skeptics play a part in maintaining the status quo of health by directing them back to dependency type treatments that offer little long term cure success. And these people include everyone from the insurance companies who are deeply in bed with traditional MDs in that they only support this emergency type treatment plan, to bureaucratic hospital control in receiving funding from government. These companies and institutions essentially want everyone to be sick so that individuals can keep coming back and give these really incompetent doctors and insurance companies more money. Fuck you again, I say. Learn more here.

So for the third time, I send all my scoffs to those who claim to know more about the ways of science and health when their education consists of popular science figures like Bill Nye, NDT, and Dawkins in their pop selected recommendations they probably got from their Related videos on YouTube section or their internet social circle. These people are not supporting or helping individuals become more autonomous and independent of this slavery industry system that has created fast food, impulse buying and gambling, overindulgence, poor lifestyle habits, and every illness caused by this disaster that is now the post industrial modern time.

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