Thesis Couture and the Push for Technological Fashion Innovation

While waiting at the San Diego airport recently, a nearby television was doing a news segment on the company, Thesis Couture.

Thesis Couture is one of the leading companies that have noticed the nonsensical unchallenged status quo design of female fashion and products. I consider Thinx, a new alternative to menstruation undergarments, to be similar in that they are rethinking the design and functionality of women’s clothing.

The founder spent a long time working in the engineering industry and is now combining the technological knowledge to produce a high heel that will not hurt a woman’s body.

As she explained in the segment, the human foot is not designed to hold her entire weight on the bones that high heels so often force a woman to do. The foot typically calls for 80% of her weight to be carried in the heel when standing flat footed, and the remainder is carried by the bones beneath the toes. In a high heel, the weight distribution is completely flipped. It is ridiculous, in my opinion, that such a design were ever to exist to begin with. And it is why I am incredibly excited to see such companies like Thesis Couture tackle this problem in the industry.

This is the very type of company that I am pushing for and wish to support. As women become more empowered and enter the professional, political, business industries, there will be criticisms about the unmet needs of women. I think all woman should be educated and demand high quality products that will still flatter them but not force them to compromise the respect for their bodies.

I recently bought a pair of shoes from The Walking Company, under a brand name that specializes in biomechanical footwear for the working, casual, and active woman and man. And the shoes are another example of what I seek to find in my wardrobe. I seek innovative technological concepts and sophistication that is complimentary to my style. These shoes have been absolutely fabulous so far, albeit with the single blister from the leather lining on the top of my foot. The sole, however, supports me very well and I do not have an aching back or foot when I wear them.

There is a huge market for diverse innovative feminine product design, and not to mention innovative product design for minorities–Muslims, blacks, etc. Even the white man could use more. I hope that the public can be educated about these concepts and really start to critically analyze their products to demand better companies. As this industry grows, more competition and will replace the old, and it is my goal that the public stays aware, smart, and confident about sustainability, ethical work habits, and logical and innovative design so that all of these values can be embodied in the future industries by default.

Pictured: Myself in resale Ann Taylor from The Scholar Shop in STL

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