Proof of Discrimination of the Mentally Ill

People these days are so obsessed with racial, gender, and other minority discrimination that they are completely overlooking other causes that are dying for their drive and research capabilities.

Certain racial and gendered groups still experience discrimination but history has already helped to abolish laws that would perpetuate such discrimination by the elites. To combat modern discrimination in those areas, one should take the playing field as a newly empowered individual recognized by law and seize the knowledge of capitalism and reason to finalize equal status.

Meanwhile, I want to point out a group that is truly being discriminated and liberals have barely touched the surface of the issues plaguing this group.

The mentally ill are the people truly being hated and discriminated right now from law, institution, establishment, and yes, the social sphere. They are being treated so poorly that mentally ill individuals cannot even speak up for themselves and fight against the true causes because of the inherent nature of their disabilities. Depression, anxiety, psychosis, traumatized individuals, and personality disorders all leave an individual with low self esteem, a lack of drive and ambition, and a poor life attitude that render an individual helpless to fight against discrimination.

All the things that this group lacks are the things that are needed to create change due to aggressive demand, and so far, nobody is doing that well. Because it essentially negates the laws of the mentally ill’s behavior capabilities.

Since I am roping myself from all of the above issues and somewhat more rationally with much more resources available to me than the average afflicted individual, I make it my personal duty to speak out against discrimination when I see it. Some people may know that I have a very severely schizophrenic family member who is so unable to function in society that they must depend on social services, government programs, and private bureacratic hospitals to care for them. My father is their guardian, and I learn a lot about the true discrimination of true societal outcasts by following along.

In Missouri, there exists a truly discriminative law. It is Section 205.968.1 of the Missouri Revised Statutes concerning County Health and Welfare Programs.  We found it after browsing through a STL Post Dispatch article. It essentially answered the question as to why there were way more programs devoted to developmentally disabled individuals than those with mentally ill disabilities.

The statute outlines how money collected from taxpayers may be put into programs that help the developmentally disabled.

In the writing, it says:

Persons having substantial functional limitations due to a mental illness as defined in section 630.005 shall not be eligible for services under the provisions of sections 205.968 to 205.972

It literally says the mentally ill are excluded from gaining money collected from taxpayers for programs that would help them.

In addition, I have found that even organizations like mental hospitals are the last to get money and funding from government and others because the mental illness industry simply makes no money.

I will just let that sink in. This discrimination obviously goes far and beyond “stigma” and requires way more developed strategies than “suicide prevention”. And yet, we are spending a lot of money on social media bombardment with superficial messages that say to “end stigma” when little publicity is given to actual proof of discrimination.

The age of the social control type of activism is creating a huge disservice and neglect to real problems. If it is profit that funders and donors want, then activists should be working to form solutions as to how to make that happen or at least find ways to privatize the mental health industry. Solutions need to be deeper, in industry and politics, not just in flashy, cute, social media propaganda.

Industry workers should be paying attention to the needs of the mentally ill and specifically making a special effort to go out of their way and foster conversation with the inhabitants that rely on these services. Then, they should use their insider power to make suggestions and improvement on the entire structure of the mental health services.

We must bring people of their skills to change the mental health industry. The mentally ill are important. They have great knowledge on an undiscussed type of suffering, but in order to integrate them into society we must begin addressing their true needs.

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