Ethical Fashion Outfit #1

One of my values revolves around sustainability. I think a lot of newer sustainable clothing businesses are very expensive and also, their designs are just not tasteful to me as a whole. I like chic, feminine, sophisticated, and form fitting. (This outfit is not form fitting but I still like it).

Many of the sustainable fashion companies like to have this baggy, hippy-like marketing strategy and even clothes themselves. I don’t like that. I thought I had to when I first started doing eco-friendly fashion, but I realized that I like very modern styling. And I think the eco-fashion community lacks people and marketing strategies like that.

So one of my solutions is to focus on luxury resale fashion. We have several businesses in St. Louis that do an excellent job of recruiting secondhand clothes from rich people and celebrities. I go to The Vault and The Scholar Shop the most. Women’s Closet Exchange is also great, but it is further away from me. Jeans are from Clothz Minded in Kansas City, MO.

Here I am wearing a DKNY wool sweater, Adriano Goldschmied jeans, and Paul Green footwear. I typically hate heel but these are unusually comfortable.

I think there is a stigma of secondhand clothing but really though the clothes I find there are so much better than mall fast fashion clothing. The slow fashion and eco fashion movements are trying to get away from H&M, Forever 21 especially, GAP, etc. Shopping at the mall stores, while flattering to the human for roughly 26 hours (average life span of a Forever 21 shirt – True Facts) it is destructing to the environment and the rights as a free individual of a western society who has wealth that the rest of the world does not. The wealth you have is voting for the industries you wish to maintain. And I criticize women and anybody with monetary power who make up large industry customer demographics because we are huge contributors to industries and as we gain more monetary power we must be smarter at managing and leading it. We need to develop more critical thinking skills so that we may be better with our purchases. (We carelessly give away our money to cosmetics and clothing because of our insecurities).  This is unnacceptable in my opinion.

The bracelet I got from local Fair Trade market. The original store is Roots ‘N Streams, and I would link to their webpage, but I have not been able to find one. It is made of recycled cow horn from people who are trying to reclaim abused animal products from the bigger traditional industry.

I say, if I am to be wealthy then I better know my shit so that I do not contribute to more suffering in the world due to unnecessary greed.



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