Ethical Outfit #2

On Friday I spent the day at Washington University in St. Louis to attend a presentation by my physics mentor on stochastic nonlinear dynamic neural modeling at the WUSTL Clocks Club (headed by a circadian rhythm researcher I believe) on the medical campus. It is also the topic of my project that I am working on now.

Later that day I attended an event at the Skandalaris Center, a free business oriented program and center, that teaches you how to create a business proposal for your start up plans. I have no concrete ideas for any start up of my own, and it was already 4:30pm when I left the Medical campus and the event was supposed to end at 5pm, but I thought I might as well just at least catch the last 10 minutes and network with the few people that I can or at the very least get information.

Turned out to be the best decision. I was able to sit in on the last 10 minutes, and not only that but I happened to sit next to a great young start up do gooder like myself who was looking for a partner for her project! We quickly connected. She wants to start a social innovation festival in St. Louis and I just thought that was the coolest thing ever. The future is wide open from here. I am excited to see what it will bring. If I decide to join the project and it takes off, I will update about it on here.

Spent some time in the WUSTL Knight Center taking pictures of the beautiful architecture and not to mention by awesome outfit that I got all resale, Fair Trade, and technology-based.

You never know what opportunities you miss if you don’t go. Had I missed these mere 10 minutes, I might have lost this opportunity.

Hot pink pants: White House Black Market, The Scholar Shop, $12.
Top: J Crew, The Vault Luxury Resale
Bracelet: Ivory cow horn, Fair Trade, Roots ‘N Streams
Shoes: The Walking Company, Abeo footwear, biomechanical footwear, professional shoes


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