Modern Western Pop Feminism and its Contribution to Human Rights Violation of Rape Victims

On a Facebook page, Triggering Memes for Regressive Teens, which I am not even sure how I came to follow, there is a picture of a very large woman holding a very arrogant sign.

Most people are on there are fat shaming her, but they are missing out on the hugest opportunity to actually bring her and modern feminism down.

The statement of the sign says, “I need feminism because I should be able to wear what I WANT and not be afraid of the possibility to get raped!” accompanied by the smug expression of an obese woman. That statement is completely opposite of what the sixties feminist sexual empowerment movement sought to do.

No, as one of my favorite scholars, Camille Paglia says, the original female sexual empowerment was all about giving women the freedom to risk rape. Not to abolish rape or deny sexual predators based on the feminine arrogance that she can just wear whatever she wants and not expect any kind of sexual feedback–good or bad.

Even this woman, in this picture, her arrogance is so clear on her face. She is merely using the statement to justify the ability to be half naked without responsible consideration of her real fears, probably seizing on the ultra terrible liberal millenial third wave feminist ideology that basically glorifies all body types no matter who you are and says that the existence of sexual assault is unwarranted and unexpected NO MATTER your action.

Nobody should be sexually assaulted. That is not what I am arguing. But sexual assault exists. And you cannot deny its existence so naively by edging it on in these really stupidly blatant sexual ways. You are basically saying, “I am being sexual and I cannot defend myself without the help of my feminist media squad, but Dare you to come rape me! We will put your name all over the internet!”

We will put your name on the INTERNET! WOW. WHAT A PUNISHMENT. What a smart move, yep. That truly shows the potential of the feminine intellect.

Seriously though it really is just stupid. And just looking at it even more, I am convincing myself that this bullshit is almost a blatant attempt to maintain human rights violation by men, purported by modern feminism.

This act is absolutely the type of hypocritical egotistical arrogance that is directly perpetuating the suffering of rape and childhood rape victims. This movement is basically teaching young girls and women like me that they do not have to learn to defend themselves against a real perpetrator because there will be the media and feminist movement to catch their back when a man does rape them. They are saying that the act of learning jiu jitsu to defend the predator man is unnecessary, that women do not need all of that and that we can freely waltz around in public in our underwear without the development of my defense tools first.

Who is that really protecting? Who is actually going to gain from that? You know what is really happening? The feminist movement WINS because they have MORE rape cases to paint a negative image of the aggressive male should he decide to rape these vulnerable women. The feminist movement ENCOURAGES women to be half naked without thinking of the implications by putting their bodies out there to give men a realistic target to actually physically assault. Half naked vulnerable women are targets put in front of the hunter’s eye, for the hunter to shoot his arrow, and when he does, THEN the feminists come out and do not even physically shoot arrows BACK, mind you. They gather around the target and oogle and point and say, Look at what you did! We made a target for you and you SHOT at it! How DARE you! SHOOTING at this TARGET! That. We. MADE! For. YOU!.

The feminist movement is using these vulnerable women as pawns to fuel their ideological arrogance. This is now beyond a political movement. This is malicious manipulation created by pop feminists who have no true power so they try to persuade vulnerable women to put themselves out there without recognizing the implications and before they are ready. This is almost as bad as terrorist ideology. It is encouraging violence!

People wonder why I hate the modern liberals so much. It is because through overcoming my own experiences of REAL abuse and REAL victimhood, I have learned that liberals do nothing to actually help those they claim to and they do everything for their stupid, egotistical, bullshit, arrogant, self centered, piece of shit brains. I am currently sitting awake at 4:27AM because of my real Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms from this type of trauma and here the internet is, showing me what atrocity exists in the world that fuels and supports the sexual crimes I experienced.

Yes, here I go more, allegedly “fat shaming” and “victim shaming”. But I want to say to these “pawns” too (because even they are still adult individuals), that if you are an obese woman and you literally have no muscle, stamina, strength, or physical wit to defend yourself against a physically strong man and you put yourself out there for all to look at, your logic will lead you to violence. I would say the same of a super skinny woman who has no muscle or wit to cleverly fend off a man should he come attack her if she were to wear a string bikini on the beach. If both women could do what is required to defend a man, then there is no problem. But I if not, I say, you are being used by these evil sexual crime instigators.

You do not naively pout that rape should not exist to the media world when you have not personally learned to defend it yourself. That is not how the world works. I cannot say that I should be able to do nuclear physics in my basement and not be afraid of my house blowing up on the basis that IT IS JUST NOT FAIR. It is BIOLOGY, people. The universe is not a “fair” place, and most accurately the concept of “fairness” simply does not exist outside of human judgment. Similarly, you do not TELL OTHERS that they can do nuclear physics and that their friends can write an article about it on The Huffington Post if their house blows up! If women learned to be more objective and critical thinkers, we could avoid this stupid fuck mess the way Christina Hoff Sommers so rightly does as a philosophy professor trained in deductive reasoning.

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