Me When People Tell Me I am Crazy: Freestyle Rant and Modern poetry

But I’m sexy, fucker. Look at me I’ll drop your guard like you are still sixteen, heathen you on your sateen.

Fall in love with me

then blame me back

after my confession of singlehood pact. need I come with a warning?


Fuck me good fuck me bad, don’t fucking text if you’re that


Teenage YouTubers make my eyes but I wear nothing but a wool cardigan like I am a 30 year old seasoned goddess. Mixed in race and age, so young and yet still so sage.

You think I give a shit? Keep coming,

I will #CapitalizeOnYourHate . I told them, #CapitalizeOnYourBitches

#CapitalizeOnMyFate because I’m so in control I can predict my own future.

Wait for me, though, cause it’ll be three days too late.

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