A Short One


I found my natural rhythm I think when people speak of their morning times and routines to get up at 6am or 5, and work on their projects for the first few hours, exercise, treat themselves to their nice oatmeal showers and morning vegan cakes.

I do the same only twelve hours later, and my nighttime is the sunrise where i spend on my apartment building rooftop overlooking the arch as I write to human rights organizations to rescue this man these dear souls looking to escape their countries from these awful human beings committing crimes on them without the West’s appropriate recognition and appraisal.

Maybe it is because I am linked to the Pakistani time zone, where I have been connecting with individuals lately for whatever reason, probably because of my frequent commenting on my international counterterrorist columnist friend’s feed. All the Pakistani men add me then they all say the same thing: Beware of the Perverted Pakistani men.

No longer am I afraid of plagiarizing because I am too brilliant to run out of original content to produce and possibly even too brilliant for others to get away with stealing my work for my voice is too recognizable.

And no longer am I afraid of people stealing my personality or desires and having too many competitors, for not everyone can sleep around like I do and get the same stories, not everyone has the same desires to be polyamorous and alone. Not everyone wishes to be a bad devil rebel, we need those soft spoken, quiet, humble individuals who like to care for farm animals and land and lead liberal lives on their suburban apartment homes with limited knowledge of the way the world works, and it is true, I appreciate all of those and only wish they appreciated me, too.


Sarah 20170125_075946.jpg

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