I am too excited

I am too excited, too excited, I say.

I told my philosophy professor who is a woman that I had trouble at a neuroscience conference from the discrimination of men. “If you want you can write the term paper about something similar, tie it in, maybe use it as a cathartic release.”

Hm, I think. How interesting. Using philosophy as therapy. And I turned down the offer for the term to submit my own theory within the analytic tradition instead, but now I am rethinking it over, now that I have claimed myself as an independent scholar who is free to scholar about anything she chooses.

Femininity and its relation to the origins of the universe, I proclaimed online under the job title heading.

Only most probably do not know what that means, as most fields I am interested in do not even exist yet (because I am to create them).

My medical technician kept referring to divinity as He, and I told him after he stopped talking that some of my research interests were about divinity and the female.

“Well, I mean, divinity is divinity,” he said.

And it is true, there is no gender, race, shape, or form to the divine, be it God, Logic, Math, Truth. But then why do you call it He?

Divinity has no identity politics, but may identity concepts relate back to divinity.

Masculinity, may it be historically related by the religious leaders, self proclaimed experts of spiritual matters, while Femininity reclaims her rightful relationship to the divine, and perhaps even as the leader.

Divinity is not Masculine. Divinity is not Feminine. But may Femininity and Masculinity both be divine.

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