This is my bathroom. As you can see I like to simultaneously be Hoe Slut Princess Bitch creative genius at the same time.

I have dried flowers in an empty recycled water bottle to the left. Somehow they worked out to be that way without even my intentional magic. Although when I move them to clean the counter I often have to wipe up the deadness that falls off of their brittle self anyway.

I have this fishing wire thing going on, hung up by push pins. And it is working p well. I get to display my Slut Shit jewelry bought from the recycling local artist goddess Jen Guss made for me by personal request after I found her at Naughty Gras. And more jewelry from the Aveda Catwalks for Water Eco Friendly Fashion show, earrings from Fair Trade stores that Ive collected for half a decade (Yes, I started when I was about 16), sunglasses from New York City thrift stores, and lamps thrifted from neighbors on NextDoor (#GetThatApp).

I am all about the recycling reducing reusing life, but must retain my bad bitch integrity. Peaceful to the peaceful, attitudious for the ones who threaten me and my power.

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