The Female Mental Illness Terms & Conditions Agreement Statement:

The Secret Oath I did not Agree to But Everyone Else Did as a Mentally Ill, explorative and Inquisitive Female Personality:

I shall avoid talking about my illnesses so I avoid making many new genuine friends that end up decreasing my symptoms.

I shall also avoid taking risks to avoid all the job offers, discounts, city connections, backpacking tips, artist friends, adventures, stories, and professional prestige in my literary publications.

I shall not challenge or assert myself to avoid becoming a Marketing Director, getting invited to submit to scholarly journals, impressing CEOs, and impressing managers at financial consulting agencies who want to give me a job and get me lots of money.

I shall avoid walking in the streets at night, because I am always vulnerable and I need constant attention and monitoring to know that I will be alright.

I shall not disobey authority or the status quo, for it is what fuels the industrious needs of monetary cash flow and my empowerment would be a disruption to the mental health industry and cosmetic industries at large.

I shall not change society so I can help others feel comfortable about sitting in front of the television and reading their newspapers and expert opinions to tell me what to do.

From this day forward, at the acknowledgement of your accurate wisdom not at all shaped by your own insecurities, I hereby vow to be a psychotic mediocre maniac with nothing to stand for other than biological reactions that drive me to death and social discrimination.


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