Where the Fuck is the Thinking Police

When they said, “Fuck the Police”, did they literally mean fuck all the police?

Do people even know what the police is for? It is to maintain law and order. Enforce the law. You know, on roads, streets, communities. Yeah, well, there are good cops and bad cops, and I tend to think the street cops are the most annoying too, but cops need to exist. Especially in the academic world.

Apparently, the concept of idea regulator is lost to the public. This crisis is drowning expert opinion. It kills actual knowledge. Everyone has an opinion. Everybody is seemingly more skilled in some sort of entertainment trade (writing, marketing), which makes it even more fancy to fool the public into thinking thoughts are so elevated.

The industries are selling thoughts like they sell hamburgers and fast fashion clothes, and obviously by these comparisons I am equating the quality all to each other.

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