A Thinking Woman. It’s very mysterious. 

Sarah Tran Nhu An Myers
My formal boring bio:
Writer, student of psychology, neuroscience, physics, philosophy.
Human rights and mental health critic/volunteer.


I am nearly a college graduate in St. Louis, Missouri with formal education in psychology and neuroscience, with research projects studying the brain from philosophical, psychological, and biophysics perspectives. I am also a writer who has been published on The Huffington Post, Eclectica MagazineOn the Future at Medium, and local and community newspapers, literary magazines, and international honor society publications (Go to “Other Work” for full list of works).

Some facts:

I talk to aliens. I don’t really understand that. Nor do I try to.
I dance some weird concepts nobody even knows about yet on YouTube.
I like to post statuses about suicide on Facebook.

Some questions:
What the fuck does “sexually conservative” mean?
You said socialism. Did you mean to say you needed new parents?
Can you please define “God”?
What the fuck does “Lean In” mean?
Are Karl Popper and John Dewey being plagiarized by New Atheists?
Did you check with my Doctors before you assumed my diagnosis?
Do I have a right to say you are being a belligerent asshole if you don’t?
Do you even know what neuroplasticity dancing is? Why are you even in the mental health business?
Do you even stay updated with leading neuroscience research?
Why are you distracting me from making time for martial arts vs. dancing?
Can I be direct and assertive if I’m a woman? Why the fuck is that even a question?

Okay, let’s use skepticism to figure all of this out. But wait…
What the hell is skepticism?

Let’s try to figure out everything but myself, okay?

I know it is so hard to do, considering I am so mysterious. Please write down your observations and report them to clinicians, I don’t really know what to do with all that. Especially in-patient ones. I think they need a little help.


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