The Thinking Woman


I think and do “local”. 

I think there are many concerns today about broader societal issues and threats. Terrorism, mental illness, global warming, poverty–the human race is not short on problems.

I think a lot of these problems can be prevented at the individual level. When you vote right with your dollar, you elect Walmart CEOs. When you feed yourself avocados and blueberries, your skin looks nicer. When you stop being mean to yourself, you become happier.

You can call this the direct application of certain interpretations of pessimistic Christian Atheism philosophy (when you look at the negative first). You can call my process logical positivism (the idea that truth is only discovered by science and logic). You can call it being a “Skeptic”, or living “mindfully”, or really all of the above… but applied towards lifestyle. Because I’m pretty sick of lifestyle blogs without substance.

Fundamentally, I value critical thinking, logic, creativity, and expression. But I also value the superficial. I think the superficial leads to depth. And I value being good in my superficial (or everyday) action. When my mentors told me to question everything, I kind of take that literally. You can see that in the diversity of my work. My topics cover the immediate pressing topics of my life, and a lot of it happens to deal with modern cultural issues of our time. Feminine empowerment, minority rights, clothing choices, mental health, and health in general are all on my mind. I question and analyze all of it. And it has to be fucking beautiful at the same time.


Who are you?

My name is Sarah.

I study physics, philosophy, and psychology academically.

I dance and do martial arts for strength and endurance.

I do origami, draw, recycle, write, act, sing, and decorate for creativity.

I eat plant-based whole foods for my diet.

I also lie in bed and cry for hours because I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with psychotic and depressive symptoms.

I am sexually free. Find me naked on Instagram @ladonnadavinci or sleeping with a man from my travels in my sexcapade stories.

I am currently struggling with how to accept my childhood abuse.

I like to figure out everything but myself.


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