Other Work


2015, Mid Rivers Review  St. Charles County literary journal
 Described poem entitled, “Ferguson”, in the introduction of the 2015 edition as “a poem worthy of the        best equal-rights-and-justice poems post-Ferguson 2014”
2016, To Tell About It, Nota Bene Phi Theta Kappa International literary journal
Selected as 1 of 28 international Phi Theta Kappa members out of 750 entries for publication

Creative Nonfiction

2017, Oceans in the Strip ClubEclectica Magazine, April/May 2017


Human Rights: Technology and Human Rights, Refugee Terrorism
Political, social, industry commentary, science journalism: The Current

Science WritingScience Communication is Horrible for Science, Artificial Intelligence Needs to Slow Down


2017, Hindmarsh-Rose Neural Models.
A poster presentation on my physics research project on the quantitative and computational neuron modeling. I looked at action potentials and how chaos theory from physics affects their firing. I won, “Best Poster Runner-Up” for the research project (not in my degree program) at the Undergraduate Research Symposium held at the University of Missouri — St. Louis for undergraduates to showcase research

2015, Seven Pillars Institute for Global Finance and Ethics: Standardized TestingRacial Discrimination in STL (liberal stances, 2015)

The Relationship to Self-leadership, Self Focus, and Psychopathology
An empirical psychological study investigating the relationship between mental disorders and self-leadership as defined by the modern therapist, Richard Schwartz.

Delusions, Logical Positivism, and Psycholinguistics
A research project in analytical philosophy I am working on for the final fall 2017 semester of my undergraduate degree where I study delusions and psycholinguistics.

x3 : @stlouisgram  
x 5 : 2016, Bellerive, Sonder 

Eco Gift Ideas : Florum Fashion (soon)

On Screen/Speakers

2017, Communist short satire skit, to be displayed at The Ready Room TBA, with 508 Films

Music Videos
2017, TBA