People I work with


Emily Harke Moore – a political scientist and a brand new St. Louis photographer who has only been photographing for about a year. I give her the credit for my portraits you see with her signature high professionally-precise work… I think you can recognize those portraits when you see them. She is up for hire!

I have also worked with: The Bloom Experience, Jessica J. Page, Daniel Taylor

Businesses I favor:


St. Louis, Missouri, USA
The Vault, The Scholar Shop, Byrd Consignment, Women’s Closet Exchange

Kansas City, Missouri, US
Clothz Minded

New York City
Beacon’s Closet


St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Palm Health

To meet criteria: local, plant-based options

St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Penzey’s Spices

New York City
Le Pain Quotidien
Just Salad

Native Foods

My Thai Vegan

The featured stores above are merely more specialized boutiques of each industry.

The same stores can accomplish the same things applying the same thinking principles: Goodwill, farmer’s markets, friends and locals that grow their own food, Save-A-Lot, Aldi’s, Schnuck’s brands. And this is what I do when I travel/rely on long-term.

Artwork on the site is provided by and local photographers and videographers (including myself).